Twitter Bootstrap Icons

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Twitter Bootstrap is delivered with Glyphicons Free Icons, but many developers looking for alternative icons. Where you can find awesome Twitter Bootstrap Icons for your project?

Below I show you list of some great Icons Set which you can use in your Twitter Bootstrap project.

  1. Font Awesome
    Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS.
  2. Elusive Icons
    Elusive Icons is a webfont that can be used with any of your projects. Bootstrap-based, Foundation-based or even your custom projects!It was created by the need for an Open-Source font that can be used in your projects without licencing issues and/or other “attribution” claws.
  3. OpenWeb Icons
    The OpenWeb Icons are a set of icons to show the support for the Open Web!
  4. Linecons
    Linecons Free is a set of remarkable free vector icons. The set contains 48 fully scalable vector icons with outline styles. You can use these icons when creating web and mobile interfaces. They will suit any site themes and any design.
  5. Glyphicons PRO
    GLYPHICONS is a library of precisely prepared monochromatic icons and symbols, created with an emphasis on simplicity and easy orientation.
  6. SOSA
    Sosa is an icon font including 160+ icons I find useful. The download includes the .ttf .eot .svg & .woff files need to use this icon font via @font-face.
  7. Iconic
    Iconic is an open source icon set consisting of 171 marks in raster, vector and font formats.
  8. Typicons
    Typicons are free-to-use vector icons embedded in a webfont for easy use in your user interfaces, whether it be on the web or in a native application.
    The set of icons are available on Github, with everything included from the source files in SVG format to the minifed CSS. You can even use this project to build your own custom version of Typicons!
  9. The Entypo Pictogram Suite
    Entypo is a set of 250+ carefully crafted pictograms. The package contains an icon font — OpenType, TrueType and @font-face — EPS, PDF and PSD files. All released for free under the license CC BY-SA 3.0.