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Why should you choose our themes?

And why should you join to over 12.000+ Satisfied Customers?

Top Bootstrap Designer

We have thousands satisfied clients and we are getting plenty of clients every day. Our bootstrap design studio is one of most popular all over the world. More than 12.000+ satisfied customers is our best reference.

Built with Twitter Bootstrap

All our themes are built based on Twitter Bootstrap one of the most popular web frameworks. It means that you can quickly connect our themes with your applications or website.

New themes & regular updates.

We work really hard creating and improving our bootstrap themes. One new theme and several updates are released every month.

Custom desing if you need

We create extra stuff for our clients. If you don't find a theme which you like, we can build something special for you. Having skilled mobile & web developers onboard, we can build every application for you.

Specialized knowledge

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Responsive Web Design, Mobile Designe, Usability, UX... Yes! We have this knowledge, so we can provide you with the best quality product which meets your expectations.

We save your money

How much money and time do you need to spend for prototyping, designing, coding, cross-browser testing and many other things which you need to do to prepare great designed product? We offer you a complete solution ready to implement.

What our clients said about us?

@BootstrapMaster Hey guys! Love your admin templates!

— Zsolt Kacso (@kaolti)

This is honestly brilliantly designed. Incredible work to whomever did this, really.

— Jackson Gariety

Awesome Bootstrap Themes! Check it out! and follow @BootstrapMaster

— Beno Netto (@benonetto)

About us?

BootstrapMaster is one of the leading Bootstrap Themes and Bootstrap Templates design house. In less than a year more than 12 000 customers decided to license our bootstrap and several thousands of other downloaded free themes. It means that millions of people around the globe use our solutions every day, 24/7. How was it possible? We call it “total design” – our templates should be a piece of art in every detail. On the other hand, they should be tailored to your needs, therefore they implement a great variety of additional features to comprise total design.

But we’re focused not only at sales, that’s why we gained an excellent position as front end developer and interaction creator. Maybe this sounds crazy, but thousands of young people fascinated with Twitter Bootstrap are following our example. Their remarks and opinions shared eg on Twitter are the fuel for us. Without our customers, or better – our friends, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Although our Bootstrap Themes and Bootstrap Templates are being designed to fit exactly to the project needs, BootstrapMaster is also a software house. Our team consist of great designers and developers, with years of experience and thousands of projects standing behind them. Time to market and state of the art solutions are always a “must be” in their job. That’s why like three musketeers, all for one – one for all, our team is a bunch of individuals focused on collective project. So there’s no wonder then, that many of the commercial projects you see every day is one of our template or theme. Among our customers you can find big guys from Silicon Valley, but also big-little companies from around the globe.

So get ready for more, cause BootstrapMaster is hungry for more state of the art Bootstrap Themes and Bootstrap Templates.

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