Two free bootstrap templates are waiting for you

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“We create premium Bootstrap themes for you and your clients. We build awesome premium Bootstrap themes that are simple to use and customizable to fit your needs.” How many times did you read these words when visiting Yes, you’re right, it’s hard to miss it, when these words are placed on the top of the page. But seriously, yes premium bootstraps are our apple in daddy’s eye – still we don’t forget that maybe not all of you need them, at least right now. So here they are, FreeME and GotYA – our latest free bootstrap admin templates. Free, but still state of the art, with quite a lot masterpiece of extensive library of pre-styled components, plugins and add-ons that make kick starting your next web project a breeze.

GotYA is just like you, no matter what you feel or what you do, it’s good to know that the bootstrap theme will follow you. It’s well balanced free bootstrap theme with additional features offered by other vendors in premium templates.

FreeME template offers 4+ columns which makes is a handy tool in your hands. Why not to enhance your target application with the content you exactly need? That’s why you can enjoy in FreeME Bootstrap shortcodes, filtering and other useful stuff offered in premium solutions.

Check them out here What do you think about them? What is ok or what is wrong with them? We’ll be more than happy to hear your comments, because who said these two are our last word? ☺