Magnus Responsive Bootstrap Theme

advanced & professional template suitable for business or portfolio


Actual version: 1.0.5
Released: 2012-10-17
Last update: 2013-07-17
Prototyped with:
Bootstrap version: 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
Browser support: IE 8+, Firefox 4+, Chrome, Opera, Safari

Over 1000+ clients from all over world chose Magnus Responsive Bootstrap Theme

What our clients said about us?

@BootstrapMaster amazing themes guys! have you ever considered ie8/7 support on the dashboard themes, using bootstrap-ie7 as an example...?

— Nahum Rosinsky (@n4hum)

@BootstrapMaster wonderful templates and you're demo'ing the kind of functionality I need right now! Great use of

— Mike McMahon (@killertypo)

We bought a copy of Perfectum from, and it's amazing and wonderful.

— Noah Gibbs

About Magnus Responsive Bootstrap Theme

Magnus Responsive Bootstrap Theme is the best solution in power to performance category. It’s fully featured with advanced, clean and professional layout perfect for any business or portfolio.

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This Responsive Theme has been created with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. And to add a little bit spicy, let’s just mention that Magnus still offer Responsive Design that work perfect on every device. So seat, take a look at your big flat tv or just take a tablet or a smartphone and enjoy.

Magnus Responsive Bootstrap Theme – Main Features

  • Built with Twitter Bootstrap

    Magnus Responsive Bootstrap Theme is based on the latest version of Twitter Bootstrap (2.3.2). But if you prefer older, don’t worry – Magnus can take them…

  • Parallax slider

    Magnus Twitter Bootstrap is equipped with the parallax content slider. So the different animation for each slider element and a background parallax effect are standing here at your service.

  • Responsive Theme / Responsive Design

    Responsive Template or Responsive Design? Our answer is easy – both of them. Because we’ve equipped this Responsive Template with fully responsive layout to offer ultimate Responsive Design. So no matter if it’s large desktop screen, smartphone or tablet – Magnus is standing there for you.

  • FlexSlider

    FlexSlider is an awesome, fully responsive jQuery slider plugin. Even though it’s lightweight (4kb minified), it works easily in any resolution, smoothly adapting itself. FlexSlider uses unordered lists so items can be browsed with the help of navigation buttons, keyboard and an auto-slideshow feature.

  • Extra Pages

    Magnus Responsive Bootstrap Theme has some functional extra pages like: About Us, Team, Pricing, Blog, Portfolio and Contact Page with working contact form and live validation. Tailor your Twitter Bootstrap to your needs


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External components

Magnus Responsive Bootstrap Theme is powerful fully featured bootstrap theme. We deliver this theme with a lot of features and we've used best third party components. Below you can find list of components and links to plugins documentations.

Responsive Carousele

If there's one thing that can compete with lightboxes for "world's most done-to-death jQuery plugin," it's carousels. However, everything I came across was using pixel values and not percentages—meaning I wasn't finding much of anything that could be used on a responsive/flexible layout. So I built one.



fancyBox is a tool that offers a nice and elegant way to add zooming functionality for images, html content and multi-media on your webpages. It is built on the top of the popular JavaScript framework jQuery and is both easy to implement and a snap to customize.



An awesome, fully responsive jQuery slider plugin

  • Simple, semantic markup
  • Supported in all major browsers
  • Horizontal/vertical slide and fade animations
  • Multiple slider support, Callback API, and more
  • Hardware accelerated touch swipe support
  • Custom navigation options
  • Compatible with the latest version of jQuery



An exquisite jQuery plugin for magical layouts. Enables filtering, sorting, and dynamic layouts.



jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers. With a combination of versatility and extensibility, jQuery has changed the way that millions of people write JavaScript.


jQuery gMap - Google Maps API V3

gMap is a lightweight jQuery plugin that helps you embed Google Maps into your website. With less than 2 KB in size (minified and gzipped) it is very flexible and highly customizable.


ImagesLoaded Plugin

JavaScript is all like "You images done yet or what?"



GLYPHICONS is a library of precisely prepared monochromatic icons and symbols, created with an emphasis on simplicity and easy orientation. Icons are designed primarily for toolbars and navigation bars in OS X Lion, the application for iPhone, iPhone 4, iPad and other Apple devices.


Standard features of the BootstrapMaster Themes.

All our themes are built on the Twitter Bootstrap Framework, so they offer all Bootstrap features and many more.
This means that our themes are fully featured and easy to customize solutions which perfectly suit modern websites and applications.

Responsive Design

We know that Responsive Design is the future of Web, so all of our themes are responsive. That works on all major browsers and optimizes itself for tablets and mobile phones.

700+ Free Icons

Good theme can't exist without good icons, we know that. All of our themes are delivered with beautiful and fully scalable font face & vector icons.


We are using only modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery, it means that our themes meet all the current standards.

Easy to customize

We produce powerful multi-purpose responsive bootstrap themes, but you don't have to be a HTML, CSS or JavaScript Master to customize our themes. Customization is very easy and code is well commented.

Free access to upgrades

The progress of web and mobile technology is very fast, so we are still improving our bootstrap themes. We release several versions of themes every year and you have free access to all updates.

Clear and modern design

LESS is better, it's our motto. We know all modern standards and rules in web and mobile design. Our themes have awesome modern & clear design, so they can take your application or website to the highest level.

Cross browser support

We have plenty of web and mobile browsers and we are working hard to support all of them. Our Responsive Bootstrap Themes work perfectly with: Latest Chrome, Latest Safari, Firefox 4+, Internet Explore 8+, Opera & mobile browsers.

Free support

Don't know something about Twitter Bootstrap Framework? Don't know how to change something in our themes? No problem, we can help you! Write a message and our experts will help you.

Third party components

Our themes work perfectly with external plugins like, jQuery, Modernizr and other popular components. That means that you can add so many new features as you want. Only imagination is your limit.

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