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About BootstrapMaster

BootstrapMaster is one of the biggest and the most popular companies worldwide mastered in templates and interfaces based on Twitter Bootstrap. Our themes have been licensed since now by more than 11.000 customers, which means that millions of people around the globe use our solutions every day.

About BootstrapMaster Team

Our team consist of great designers and developers, with years of experience and thousands of projects standing behind them. Time to market and state of the art solutions are always a “must be” in their job. That’s why like three musketeers, all for one – one for all, our team is a bunch of individuals focused on collective project.

Our services


Design is cool, but means nothing without psychology. Thanks to the mixture of these two factors, we’ve been able to create hundreds of random project, always tailored to the users’ needs. With different UI restrictions, different usage patterns and different network access model caused by the multitude of mobile platforms is a nightmare for some. But we find that absolutely exciting. So are you ready to go with us?

Mobile Applications

Windows, iOS or Android? No matter the statistics, location or market share – we tailor our services to the target project. We write our apps for various platforms across a variety of devices. So you can be sure that they’re all responsive not only in design, but in every detail as they are.

Web Applications

We create web apps which are based on unique UI and UX. What does that mean? More than less, that we all should just like the app. And the only way to make the app act like that is to build flexible, effective and scalable web based applications. But if you program in PHP Symfony2, .Net, Django and Ruby on Rails, what can be wrong? That’s why, no matter if you’re e-commerce, e-learning, CMS, CRM, ERP, just tell us what you need and we’ll do it.

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