It’s holiday season – let’s … learn Bootstrap ☺

Mastering Bootstrap

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I believe that most of us is enjoying holiday season and the second part is being annoyed by that, because you cannot work normally – everyone is OoO. But we’ve got an excellent solution for that. You say and BootstrapMaster is this solution? Well yes, but there’s also one more, important part of this triumvirate. It’s Matt Lambert’s book “Mastering Bootstrap”, a great 152-page ebook with comprehensive information on Bootstrap like eg recommended tools, advanced layouts, setting up a development build environment, LESS best practices (btw have you got a chance to look at LESS support? :), 3rd party component integration, style guide creation or how to package theme for sale and how to market your theme.

We wouldn’t be fair if we wouldn’t ask the Author what does he think about our new born Bootstrap child, named If you’re curious what did Matt tell about Brix, here it is… “I’m always interested in DIY design and bootstraping your own projects. I checked out and it looks like a really cool service. Nice to see an editor like that for quickly putting together a theme.” So maybe in future he’ll add new chapter to his book… ;)

And back to his book, Mastering Bootstrap, will teach you, step-by-step, how to create a theme in a way that is simple and reusable. Once you’ve created your theme, you can go through the critical steps for packaging and selling it online. The 152-page eBook is delivered as a beautifully designed PDF. Best for reading on desktop or iPad. Along with the ebook you will get also 2 premium Bootstrap themes. Production and Development versions including LESS & Hammer files. And if it’s still not enough, let’s look what else can we find in the package:

  1. Support files: Support files for the eBook including: style guide, advanced layouts, third party plugins, CSS, LESS, and Hammer files
  2. Landing page: A Bootstrap landing page template for promoting your themes
  3. HTML e-mail: An HTML email template for promoting your themes
  4. Image templates: Photoshop image preview templates for all the major Bootstrap theme marketplaces
  5. Documentation templates: iBooks Author template and PDF sample documentation file for documenting your themes.
  6. ReadMe Template: A ReadMe template file for your customers that you can include with your themes and much more.

So as you can see, it’s quite reasonable package for $99. But you can also decide to buy a book package for $39, if you don’t feel like need additional stuff. BootstrapMaster and team believes that the book is a valuable resource,  well written and covers all the essential topics for creating Bootstrap themes.

And the best results come when theory is mixed with practice, that’s why along with the book, try for 14 days for free. Thanks to it you’ll be able to design your themes with one of the most powerful DIY Bootstrap tools.

Best regards from our team!