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Hi Friends! It’s February so we should write something about love ;) Really? Yes. What we can write here about LOVE? That all BootstrapMaster team love… our templates. But it’s obvious, we create them, we’ve been paid for loving them, so constant love is just a part of our life.

But the coolest thing is that you love our templates. We can see it every day on Twitter like eg  Zsolt’s Kacso (@kaolti) “Hey guys! Love your admin templates!”. We – You can see it also in reviews and blogs. In one of the latest Lokendra Badu in his “20 Best Handpicked Bootstrap Themes Reviews” ( fell in love with SimpliQ Flat & Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template J What can we read about SimpliQ? Looking for a template which is responsive and which is  a dashboard layout in 15 dollars? Then here is where your search stops.  This bootstrap theme review answers all your questions. The  SimpliQ Flat and Responsive admin template is the one which caters all  your needs. It is the recommended and the best solution to create a  layout of dashboard for your application. The framework used is  Bootstrap 3.0.0, the most efficient framework. As the icons used on this  theme are of good resolution, the theme came out very well after the  design. All the main features which are expected for a good theme are  available with this theme. This simple and elegant theme is the  developer’s pride and can be used very effectively and efficiently. The display of information through charts is the major breakthrough of  presenting the information these days. This theme uses the chart display  for display of the client number, total transactions, income and  account. The information depicted under charts is the information per  month. If it is for a week, the dates from when to when is also given on  the theme. A list of things to do in the near future can also be  maintained through this theme and can check the status of them for  better traceability. A user can post a comment and other users can share  their views on the comment and a discussion can happen via comments. To  post the comment, one should login through the login page available on  the left hand side. The UI features page hosts the Sliders and Progress  bars, lists that can be nested, widgets and other elements that fall  under the user interface. One of the example pages is Infrastructure  which has the information about the CPU temperature, active users,  server load etc. This is the live information gathering page which has  the current second information.

That’s the way we – you like it J And what’s your favorite BootstrapMaster template? Share your stories on Twitter. The best of them will be awarded with the bootstrap chosen by you from our portfolio.