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Mastering Bootstrap

It’s holiday season – let’s … learn Bootstrap ☺

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I believe that most of us is enjoying holiday season and the second part is being annoyed by that, because you cannot work normally – everyone is OoO. But we’ve got an excellent solution for that. You say and BootstrapMaster is this solution? Well yes, but there’s also one more, important part of this triumvirate. It’s Matt Lambert’s book “Mastering Bootstrap”, a great 152-page ebook with comprehensive information on Bootstrap like eg recommended tools, advanced layouts, setting up a development build environment, LESS best practices (btw have you got a chance to look at LESS support? :), 3rd party component integration, style guide creation or how to package theme for sale and how to market your theme. Continue reading

Bootstrap Builder

BootstrapMaster + Brix = Bootstrap gamechanger

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Hi there,

Let me cordially welcome you to our joint blog for BootstrapMaster and Brix. You probably ask yourself why is so? First of all, because we’re practically one team – BootstrapMaster and are the two pillars of CreativeLabs. But the main reason is that we just LOVE BOOTSTRAP. App helps you to create your own prototypes and BootstrapMaster delivers you both premium and freemium Bootstrap templates.

As you probably noticed, not more than two weeks ago has been officially launched, after successful beta version. During this period, thanks to your remarks, we were able to add new functionality and features. The most exiting are the Better Drag&Drop, Keyboard Shortcuts, UX improvements, Undo, Redo and Dynamic Handle. Continue reading

User Centered Design - Bootstrap Themes

User-centered design

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From zero to hero – from draft, through wireframe, to prototype.

Designing state of the art and functional internet & mobile apps or web pages have changed lately radically. Who or rather what stands behind this revolution?  The answer is easy – wire-frames, frameworks and of course prototypes. Dare to say more? Continue reading

Firefox Custom Select with Hack - Bootstrap Themes

How to create custom select tags (include Firefox solution)

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Most of my friends know that I am a perfectionist, I draw attention to the smallest details. That’s why both in my projects and life everything should be pixel perfect :)

Since December 2013 I’ve been working very hard on my biggest project, the But life means nothing without fun, so in some spare time I created completely new bootstrap admin template, so please welcome – cleverAdmin. Continue reading - Interface Builder for Bootstrap

BootstrapMaster launches

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It’s finally happened we’re ready to go with our, our Interface Builder for Web & Mobile Apps. We believe that designing sexy interfaces has never been easier before – it’s obvious, we’ve design it and we believe in it. But it’s good to know that also you and journalists believe in us. The best example comes from one of the most reputable, where you can find our story . Continue reading

Twitter Bootstrap Love

From Bootstrap Master with love

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Hi Friends! It’s February so we should write something about love ;) Really? Yes. What we can write here about LOVE? That all BootstrapMaster team love… our templates. But it’s obvious, we create them, we’ve been paid for loving them, so constant love is just a part of our life. Continue reading